"Use an image. It's worth a thousand words."

Words which ring truer today than when first spoken.

Images, once a bonus to any project, are now a requirement. And when the subject is a thousand meters underwater, capturing the right image requires more than just a camera. Marine Imaging Technologies sells and rents off-the-shelf housings or complete systems for a variety of cameras. Whether the requirement is 5 meters for 30 days or 5,000 meters for 3 hours, we can design the imaging system for the project.

Scotopic Camera System

An ultra low light
6000m 4K camera system

Conceived to fill the gap in abyssopelagic exploration.
Ultra high resolution video and images in extreme low light environments.

IP Camera

A budget friendly IP camera with internal health & status monitoring. Ideal for remote long term research, observations and security.

IP Camera Spec Sheet


A recording system designed to operate in conditions hostile to modern cameras.

  • Fully autonomous recording system
  • 12+ hours of standard definition recording time
  • Camera connected via tether to support housing
  • Tether extension allows for remote live viewing
  • Built to military specifications
  • Depth rated to 300m
  • Custom sensor packages available

Subsea Multi Camera Controller

Used by both the HYDRUS virtual reality system and the SeaArray photogrammetry system, this underwater controller provides diver cinematographers simultaneous control over multiple cameras.


  • Simultaneous Multi Camera Control
  • Real Time Monitor with Selectable Input
  • ISO Control
  • F-Stop Control
  • Shutter Control

  • Nikon and Sony Compatible
  • Independent Image Capture
  • 24vdc power output
  • Nauticam Leak Detector