UHD Photogrammetry for macro scale projects with the focus on details

Isle Royale National Park
Model courtesy of the NPS Submerged Resources Center

Developed in partnership with the National Park Service Submerged Resources Center, Sea Array was designed to pioneer a new standard of digital 3D models.

When mounted on a UPV, the point cloud generated by Sea Array is scaled for macro research with the minute detail of micro research.  Sea Array is a revolutionary tool for underwater archeology, bathymetry and biology.

Dry Tortugas National Park
Model courtesy of the NPS Submerged Resources Center


Using our software and the newest Nikon mirrorless camera, the award winning Z7, the Sea Array system is capable of capturing over 10,000 45MP images per hour when operating in simultaneous mode.

Multi Camera Control

Sequential or Simultaneous Image Capturing

Customizable Capture Rate

Synchronize Camera Settings

Battery Life Indicator

Nikon Z7

Nikon’s newest camera with unprecedented resolution.

BSI FX-Formate Sensor

45.7 MP Stills

4K Ultra HD Video

63-25,600 ISO


Sea Array is powered and controlled through Marine Imaging’s universal underwater camera controller.

Multi Camera Control

Real Time Monitor with Selectable Input

ISO Control

F-Stop Control

Shutter Control

Nikon and Sony Compatible

Independent Image Capture

Nauticam Leak Detector

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