Remotely Operated Vehicles

Cinema Class ROV – Pixel

“… the Pixel platform has been designed from the bottom up to accommodate not only the exciting cinema quality we’ve all become accustomed to, but to do it while reducing risks and lessening the financial burden of underwater filming.”

– DP and Founder, Evan Kovacs, 2015

Built around two immense camera housings sized to accommodate modern cinema cameras, Pixel offers new options to underwater cinematographers. Choice of cameras, fluid movements and aesthetic appeal are all features incorporated into Pixel.

Conceived during the peak of 3D imaging and the emergence of 4k, dual 9″ primary housings and multiple secondary housings were incorporated in anticipation of future cinematic advances. Multiple fiber optic lines simultaneously host live video and control feeds from topside control to various cameras.  Dimmable LED lighting and smooth multi axis propulsion complete Pixel, granting her status as the subsea equivalent of land based filming.

The Pixel advantage:

  • Highly Flexible Custom Imaging and Close-Up Inspection ROV
  • Fixed dual 9” housings and telemetry to accommodate almost any cinematographic camera and lens combination
  • 50,000 -100,000 lumens of dimmable LED lighting
  • Onboard Live Panoramic cameras with Internal P&T control
  • High Payload, can carry up to 8 cameras
  • Depth rated to 1000’
  • Numerous other camera add-ons possible for specialty configurations
  • Full Telemetry for scientific sensors – including, CTD, dissolved O2, sonar, USBL and more
  • Custom payload packages and work sleds available
  • Fly Away System – can be carried as checked luggage if necessary and operated from small vessels of opportunity

Survey Class ROV – Sea Rover

“With Survey ROVs, versatility is key. Sea Rover is a fantastic ROV because it’s designed to go stripped down for simple exploration or can have any number of instruments or sensors for specific needs.”

– CEO and Founder, Evan Kovacs, 2017

Sea Rover is a multi-purpose, Survey class  ROV with adaptability at the core of its design.  While its standard configuration of dual pilot cameras, dual LED lighting arrays and three axis thrusting is intentionally simple, the system’s design encourages adding and controlling a wide range of instruments; from sonars to sensors, from manipulators to cameras.

The Sea Rover’s onboard systems communicate through a 10GB ethernet backbone with a fiber optic connection to the surface station.  The open Unistrut and Delrin frame is a simple, secure frame for multiple accessories.


The Sea Rover advantage:

  • Close-Up Inspection ROV with 180° tilting pilot cameras
  • Dual LED lighting arrays
  • High Payload, can carry multiple accessories
  • Depth rated to 1000’
  • Full Telemetry for scientific sensors – including, CTD, dissolved O2, sonar, USBL and more
  • Custom payload packages and work sleds available


ROV Integration:

The Marine Imaging team specializes in customizing imaging, robotics and sensor packages for ROVs and can provide the right equipment or integrate your equipment.

Camera Packages Available for Rent:

Cinema 3D UHDTV Stereoscopic Camera System

Nikon, Sony and Canon SLR Still Camera Packages

Low light level multispectral imaging and illumination systems

CMOS and CCD Machine Vision Sensors for Embedded Imaging Systems