“Use an image. It’s worth a thousand words.”

Words which ring truer today than when first spoken.

Scotopic Camera System

An ultra low light
6000m 4K camera system.

Conceived to fill the gap in abyssopelagic exploration.
Ultra high resolution video and images in extreme low light environments.

IP Camera

A budget friendly IP camera with internal health & status monitoring. Ideal for remote long term research, observations and security.

Subsea Multi Camera Controller

Used by both the HYDRUS virtual reality system and the SeaArray photogrammetry system, this underwater controller provides diver cinematographers simultaneous control over multiple cameras.


    • Simultaneous Multi Camera Control
    • Real Time Monitor with Selectable Input
    • ISO Control
    • F-Stop Control
    • Shutter Control
    • Nikon and Sony Compatible
    • Independent Image Capture
    • 24vdc power output
    • Nauticam Leak Detector