IP Camera

A budget friendly IP camera with internal health & status monitoring. Ideal for remote long term research, observations and security.

Standard Features

  • HD camera
  • Housings available in 316 Stainless Steel (negatively buoyant) and Acetal Copolymer (positively buoyant)
  • Rated for 200m sea water
  • Assignable IP Address
  • Flat port
  • Powered via POE (48vdc)
  • Sub-sea swappable
  • MCBH8M connector
  • Available for sale or rent.

Optional Features

  • UHD camera
  • Internal Health & Status system
  • Deepwater housings (depths from 1000m to 4500m)
  • LED light ring
  • UV LEDs
  • Project specific lensing

Health & Status Features

  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Internal humidity sensor
  • Positive and return fault sensors
  • Forward and aft leak detectors