Biological Surveying

Partnering with Nantucket Sound Shellfish
Marine Imaging is able to offer coastal biological surveying.

Clam sampling dredge

Custom built, this stainless steel hydraulic sampling dredge has a 1.5 cubic foot basket with an add-on aluminum basket for an addition 2 cubic feet of catch volume. The adjustable height knife ranges in depth from 1" to 8".

The sampling blade is 14" to minimize environmental impact while providing a reasonable width sampling path. The seven hydraulic nozzels are fed by a 250gph pump running to the dredge through 2" firehose. Whether it's specimen collection or data collection, our system is ideal for shallow sites.

The systems has been used along the south shore and between the forks of Long Island, New York and off the beaches of Marshfield and Duxbury Massachusetts in depths ranging from 10' to 25'.

The system is available as a rental to qualified operators,
as a rental with a field technician or
as a full package (dredge package, operator & crewed vessel).

**The client is responsible for all required permits; local, county, state and federal.

2020 Rental Rates

Dredge System


Field Technician


Full Package (Crewed Vessel, Dredge System, Field Technician)

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