Information on our ROV

BASE ROV package:

  • Highly Flexible Custom Imaging and Close-Up Inspection ROV
  • Fixed dual 9” housings and telemetry to accommodate almost any cinematography style camera and lens system
  • 50,000 -100,000 lumens of dimmable LED lighting
  • Onboard Live Panoramic cameras with Internal P&T control
  • High Payload, can carry up to 8 cameras
  • Depth rated to 1000’
  • Capable of operating on lightweight fiber or electro-optical hybrid tethers
  • Numerous other camera add-ons possible for specialty configurations
  • Full Telemetry for scientific sensors – including, CTD, dissolved O2, sonar, USBL and more
  • Custom payload packages and work sleds available
  • Fly Away System – can be carried as checked luggage if necessary and operated from small vessels of opportunity


ROV Integration:

  • The custom nature of this ROV allows for easy integration of customer’s camera, lens controllers and other sensors if desired.  The MITech team has years of experience in customized imaging and robotics packages and will work with you to integrate your equipment.

A few Camera of the Packages Available for Rent:

Sony Cinelata PMW F55:

  • Includes 4K and HD monitoring
  • Quad output to surface for remote recording
  • Full function remote camera and lens control
  • Internal RAW recording available
  • PL or SLR glass mounts available


  • 3 Chip Cinealta Studio camera
  • Full function Sony Remote and Fuji Lens Controllers
  • Fujinon 14x 4.5mm lens with corrective optics

Cinema HD 3D Camera –

  • Fixed Wide angle Fujinon Lens
  • Sony 3 Chip ½” Imagers
  • Manual IA and Convergence Control – automated control available upon request

Red EPIC – Dragon Sensor (Weapon and Helium upon request)

  • Wide Array of Underwater Optics
  • Full Control of Camera and Lens
  • Internal 6K recording

rov-colorArri Mini available upon request

Cinema 3D UHDTV Stereoscopic Camera System

Nikon, Sony and Canon SLR Still Camera Packages

Low light level multispectral imaging and illumination systems

CMOS and CCD Machine Vision Sensors for Embedded Imaging Systems