"Use an image. It's worth a thousand words."

Words which ring truer today than when first spoken.

Images, once a bonus to any project, are now a requirement. And when the subject is a thousand meters underwater, capturing the right image requires more than just a camera. Marine Imaging Technologies sells and rents off-the-shelf housings or complete systems for a variety of cameras. Whether the requirement is 5 meters for 30 days or 5,000 meters for 3 hours, we can design the imaging system for the project.

IP Camera

A budget friendly IP camera with internal health & status monitoring. Ideal for remote long term research, observations and security.

  • Available in 316 Stainless Steel and Acetal Copolymer

  • Rated for 200m sea water

  • Internal temperature, humidity and ground fault sensors

  • Available with an HD or UHD camera

  • Sapphire flat port

  • MCBH8M connector

  • Powered via POE

  • In water swapable

Deep LED Lighting

This oil filled LED light combines power with minaturization.

  • Rated for 4500m sea water

  • Oil filled

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Sapphire flat port

  • MCBH8M connector

  • Converters available for 12vdc, 24vdc and 48vdc power sources, sold separately


A recording system designed to operate in conditions hostile to modern cameras.

  • Fully autonomous recording system

  • 12+ hours of standard definition recording time

  • Camera connected via tether to support housing

  • Tether extension allows for remote live viewing

  • Built to military specifications

  • Depth rated to 300m

  • Custom sensor packages available

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